The story behind the design.

Laird Tran Studio is Broome based duo team of Architects who have 22 years of shared experience working in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

We are motivated by ‘the story behind the design’. We believe that design processes and procurement techniques can be tuned to deliver outcomes for the community that are beyond the building and construction narrative. A collaborative design process with our clients and community can lead to a stronger sense of place, unity, ownership and empowerment.

Laird Tran Studio is inspired by and inclined to support the people of our region.

Supporting Local Industry


Broome & the Kimberley region is set up for specific available construction techniques, as such we work within the building culture that is established here to maximise the opportunities for local industry to be involved on our projects.


Many materials are difficult to source in the Kimberley, these materials become expensive additions to the building design that effectively support non-local suppliers. To avoid this situation, we select/specify readily available materials that can be supplied by local businesses and that suit the required project brief.


There are many local trades that operate within the Kimberley region. Some of these trades are specialists and are sub-contracted by all Contractors. Where contract opportunities present themselves we utilise our local knowledge to source local trades on projects.

We also detail our buildings so that local trades can build their products in a familiar way.


The Kimberley has a well established local fabrication and production industry. We work to draw upon these resources throughout our design process. If we can keep fabrication for building projects done within our region then we can further reduce project costs and support local fabricators.