These are just some of our projects.

Liyan-ngan Nyirrwa

The Liyan-ngan Nyirrwa is an award winning project that tells a strong story of self determination for the Yawuru people of Broome.

The primary design narrative of the Liyan-ngan Nyirrwa is that ‘culture is never stagnant’. Rather, culture is a resilient, dynamic, living and resilient teacher. The Liyan-ngan Nyirrwa was seeded by Nyamba Buru Yawuru as a community project that included; a community garden, a cafe, a workshop, a multi-purpose hall and a language centre. The roots of the project are set within an active pursuit by Yawuru to heal inter-generational trauma within their community. Now open to the public, people can soak up the shade that the canopy of this well-being (mabu liyan) project has to offer.

Laird Tran Studio was the lead consultant on this project, being required to complete a full scope of architectural services from feasibility to opening ceremony. The project design was co-authored by Nyamba Buru Yawuru, Yawuru Community Members, MudMap Studio and Laird Tran Studio.


Broome Golf Club

The Broome Golf Club has the potential to impact Broome's tourism massively. Currently the club is aware that it is located on a prime scenic location and that through Club House upgrades the Club could be promoted as an International golfing destination, attracting thousands of International visitors to the Broome region annually. Whilst the site is a unique asset to the project, the design brief, marine exposure and tight project budget have provided practical constraints to the design.

Laird Tran Studio have been involved in the feasibility, schematic design and design development of the Broome Golf Club. Currently the project is at the Development Approval stage. We look forward to the built realisation of this project.


Laird Residence

Th Laird residence in Cable Beach was designed to suit a 690 square meter block and a tight budget. The design parti (central idea) was to express the structure of the building by extending the truss tail ends and tying them into the veranda joists. Working within budget constraints requires design ideas to complete more than one objective. As such the repetitive veranda geometry also acts to define the street facade, building entry and direct focus on the short horizons of the garden.


WAB Duplex

WAB duplex is a project completed for a construction firm as a design and construct delivery process. Located in Broome North this project examined how cross flow ventilation could work for a duplex development that was orientated so that the prevailing winds (in both wet & dry seasons) always neglected one of the dwellings. This project aims to balance cross flow ventilation, privacy and budget within a suburban street-scape.


Kennedy Residence

Built on a block that is located in the heart of Old-Broome the Kennedy residence aimed to create a pavilion house based on the vernacular concept of ‘an esky under a big hat’. The objective of designing to suit Broome’s climate is to restrict any solar gains while maximising insulation and providing opportunities for cross ventilation. Broome’s combination of harsh solar gains & cyclonic events requires much of the wall framing and window designs to have a ‘hole in the wall’ appearance rather than a glass curtain effect.


Owen Residence

The Owen residence was a renovation and extension to an Old-Broome pearlers cottage. The client required us to maintain the character of the existing building while adding a two new mandi bathrooms, a bedroom extension and a kitchen renovation. The heritage nature of the project offered some unique construction detail opportunities.


Broome Court House Heritage Refurbishment

The majority of work that Laird Tran Studio completes is for the West Australian Department of Finance. Each commercial project that we are involved in has a specific challenge. One of these small projects required us to prepare a detailed design package and administrate the construction contract for the refurbishment of the state heritage listed Broome Court House.